Crane Gantries

We have a dedicated team that specialize in Overhead Crane Gantry design, support solutions, repairs and re-alignment of existing Crane gantries and the installation thereof. We can supply and make provision of the crane gantry and rail interface for projects of all types and makes of cranes through-out South Africa.  From standard Overhead cranes to simple beam installations, we are able to apply our proven expertise and engineering capability to fulfil the most challenging of project needs.

It is our intention to offer a proactive and technically advanced level of support and service to all of our customers.

Our team is committed to solving rail system problems such as rail misalignment, broken anchors, and improper rail fasteners on existing or new runways. We understand the critical nature that timing plays on a production crane runway. We make sure your process is minimally affected by downtime for an installation or repairs.