Single Bridge Girder Crane

Single Bridge Girder Crane

Under single girder cranes we offer our standard wire rope hoist or our light duty electric chain hoist cranes. Single Girder Cranes are mainly used, where limited head room is available.  We have several different space saving configurations, and capacities can range up to 12 tons with spans of up to 36m.  Bigger spans are available, but are specially designed… Read more →

Double Girder Cranes

We can offer you double girder cranes ranging from 0.25 to 80 tons. The principle difference between single and double girder cranes is the hook height (how far above the floor your hoist will lift). Double girder cranes provide better hook height. Double girder cranes can provide more lift, because the hoist is placed between the cross girders rather than… Read more →


Refurbishment And Modernization Crane Refurbishment Specialists (Pty) Ltd, is supplying a specialized and focused service to the Overhead Crane Industry in South Africa, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and the DRC,  aimed at Refurbishing and Modernization of old and existing overhead cranes, as to the option of replacing them with new cranes. Standard conversions will also form part… Read more →

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